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A Few Kudos From e-Bay Buyers:

Great material, outstanding presentation for our collections, AAAAAAAAAA++++++

...awesome! many thanks for the great product. A++++

Did the trick! Glad I found the product. 5 stars!

Great product and service. Will certainly deal again. You are a Lifesaver! Thanks.

Much better than the wax I've been using. Thank You!

Great product for my dollhouse and nicely packed - thanks so much! Olivia

Thanks, the product is good and the delivery as promised

AWESOME - Extremely Fast Shipping to Australia - Excellent Product - THANK YOU

...great product, just what i need for the arduous task of photographing jewellery

WOW! What a great product! Best price, great shipping, 5 stars all the way.

Item came as described. Was bigger than it looked, which is good. Thanks!

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You searched for positioning wax for your jewelry display and have come to the right page… Special Wholesale Pricing available for orders over $100. Contact us for details.

Taking pictures of jewelry or displaying jewelry has never been easier with our clear clean (and re-usable) holding and positioning wax.

   prop wax bars

Professionals around the world have been ordering from us for over 5 years. Check out our e-Bay feedback on the sidebar.

If you are a jeweler or jewelry designer, you’ve probably been frustrated trying to get just the right angle to display your work. Our positioning wax is what you need!

Our holding wax is the best on the market. It goes a LONG way in making your jewelry or other items ‘stand up’ and ‘stand out’ when you take your pictures for the Internet or your brochure.

One-ounce bars are approximately the length of a stick of gum. Each bar is sectioned off and scored into 5-6 squares for easy handling (as shown in photo)

Placement holding wax for jewelry display1.Pinch off a small corner.
Even though it looks like a tiny piece, it’s all you will need to keep your item in place.
This clear positioning wax is specifically designed for display and photography. .
Placement holding wax for jewelry display2. Stick a small piece of the wax on the surface where you want your item placed.
With only a small amount of pressure, push the item onto the wax dollop.
Remember, it doesn’t take much to adhere one to the other. Dot of wax is shown larger than needed. Trim accordingly.


Placement holding wax for jewelry display3. The ring in the picture now stands on edge with no distractions.
It just takes a ‘little bit’. It’s perfect for any piece of jewelry that lacks a flat edge but for which you want a certain angle.
For rings, earrings, bangle bracelets, watches, brooches and more.



Packages each contain 2 bars of wax.